I’m Greg Shine, a professional historian with an avid interest in how new media, history, and interpretation connect.

At the National Park Service’s Fort Vancouver NHS, I serve as chief ranger & historian and manage the park’s interpretation and history programs. I’m also an adjunct faculty member in the history department at Portland State University, where I teach historic site interpretation.

This is my personal blog and does not reflect the opinions of my employers, though they, too, may find interesting stuff here!


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  1. Linked here by Larry Cebula (EWU). Have diverse/unusual skill-set which includes considerable expertise in SketchUp 3D modeling and Google Earth (run pro versions of both). Have been having an ongoing dialogue with Larry about use of these technologies (and others) in historic preservation, historic visualizations, documentation, public awareness/education and possible use in interpretive arena. Saw a number of interesting things at Fort’s website that you might be able to enhance/effect with Google Earth and SketchUp. Would welcome the chance to talk/visit. Was an American History major in college. Also own an Iphone. Make it a good day

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